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Complete solutions that power your customer retention capabilities

Redefine customer satisfaction. Understand your customers segments and become an essential contributor to their digital wellbeing.

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Giving your customers the confidence to grow along with you

Through a diverse set of products and services, we aim to expand your customers’ known limits of the digital world.

Multiplatform Security

State-of-the-art technology that protects end-users from perilous digital incidents.

Legal and Financial Advice

Consulting services for making educated legal and financial decisions in their business journey.

Digital Transformation

Complete metamorphosis of your clients’ businesses to help them achieve new growth opportunities.

Digital Marketing Assistance

Proven digital marketing strategies tailored to individual needs for improving online visibility and attracting qualified leads.

Custom Solutions for Corporations

On request, we tailor our offer on your enterprise customers’ needs and demands.

Increased Productivity

Enhanced productivity through the use of effective tools that boost performance and eliminate time-consuming tasks.


The magic of our value added services lies in the way we value your customers.

We run as an independent entity that seamlessly integrates within your offer, providing proactive assiastance and round-the-clock support. While guiding your clients towards achieving their digital goals, we strive to increase performance on each encounter. We value your customers’ time and respond to any support request within minutes.

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Our Products

We seek to improve your customers digital lifestyles through carefully packed solutions in the areas of productivity, security, digital marketing, support and management.


Systematically selected tools for efficient daily operations, so your customers can enjoy easy to activate, cost-effective solutions at their fingertips.


Corporate email with company’s domain
1 GB storage/account
99.99% uptime
Compatible with mobile devices
Anti-spam filter
IMAP/POP technology
SSL certificate
Accessible from the browser or preferred app


Manage purchases, inventories, suppliers, customers, sales and billing from a single platform
Keep all accounting electronically (including bank accounts)
Transfer, count and connect inventories with e-commerce functionalities
Check sales and stock information in real time
Connect barcode reader, receipt printer and cash drawer
Create smart reports
Consult financial statements in real time and generate the DIOT automatically (Mexico)


Unlimited ringtones
Self-invoicing: your clients will be able to generate their invoices directly
Virtual vault: store invoices for at least 5 years
Invoice from anywhere with our mobile app
Smart features that use AI to automate manual tasks


Track the entire sales flow from one place
Import contacts from Facebook, mail and website
Automate email campaigns
Create reports of conversions, sales, follow-ups
Prepare sales forecasts
Accessible on mobile devices

G Suite

Communicate with co-workers from anywhere
Get access to the tools that help your project come to life
Manage users, devices and data easily and securely
Corporate email with own company's domain
Intuitive collaboration tools
Accessible on mobile devices

Office 365

Collaboration suite that includes Office for desktop, tablet, and smart devices
Store files, work with them online, and collaborate with co-workers
Safe and reliable tools
Integrates with Active Directory

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Modern security solutions that increase performance in the digital workspace on a variety of platforms.

Business Multiplatform Protection

Maximum protection against all threats: malware, phishing, ransomware, exploits, and more
Armoured protection for all operating systems
Increase the performance of the equipment without affecting its battery life
Unified administration console to manage all teams
Provides granular and profiled employee control
Integrates with VMWare vCenter, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Active Directory, and AmazonWeb Services
Protect Linux virtual machines

SMB Multiplatform Protection

Bitdefender Total Security 2022, the complete security solution for end users and SMEs
Unbeatable malware detection
Armoured protection for Mac OS, Windows, and Android
Webcam Protection
Enhanced Firewall
Innovative and effective anti-ransomware defence
Solid performance that preserves computer speed and battery life
Parental or employee controls

HeyValue Drive

Up to 2TB of secure cloud storage
Synchronise your devices and access your files from anywhere
Automatically backup contacts, photos and videos from mobile devices
Recover files easily
Share files and folders with a link

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Digital Marketing

We help your clients enhance their performance on different media channels and drive more sales through data-driven campaign optimisations.

Social Media

3 social media accounts created on request: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr
Increase your client's business visibility on the internet
Additional service: better positioning on the market

Email Marketing

Carry out automated campaigns
Classic, social, A/B test campaigns
Email automation by date, subscription, behavior
Shipping schedule
Summary of metrics such as delivery rate, unique and total opens, clicks, removals, ROI, social media, and email automation
Subscribers list, segments, custom fields for subscription forms
Management of bounces and unopened emails
Text editor for templates
Pre-built templates with responsive designs
Connection with Google Analytics


Record statistics of customers who visit your business website
Know your users and their interactions on the network
Tailor an effective marketing strategy and advertise towards the right audience
Connect with social media accounts, PoS (points of sale), and surveys to obtain more information from users on the network
Includes captive portal ???
Connectivity and online presence intervals
Heat maps
Self-managed platform


Create an impressive website easily
Choose from over 190 templates from different categories
Drag and drop functionality
Insert text, images, videos, forms, maps, and other features
Link with social media accounts
Responsive design on multiple devices
Site optimisation for different search engines
24/7 support


Create an online store for your client's business
Add product catalogs
Manage inventories and orders digitally
Integrate payment gateways that accept the most used payment methods
Connect with logistics providers for the delivery of the products
24/7 support

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We handle all requests in a timely manner – be it on premises technical support, or specific business questions, we promptly address any blockages.

Technical Support

Resolving assistance service for microcomputer incidents
Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
45 second chat response time
Trained and certified professionals
Our team undergoes continuous training in new technologies
Call recordings and logs of all generated activity
Accessible by phone, chat and mail
Delivery of activity and satisfaction reports


We have a specialised technical assistance service, advice on the use of contracted services ???
24/7 attention
Average resolution in 1 hour
Tax and accounting advice
Attended by expert accountants and tax experts
Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. GMT -5
20 minutes to resolve doubts and a maximum of 24 business hours to answer special queries

On-site Support

Technical engineers who evaluate and solve computer incidents on premises on request

Preventive Audit Report

Preventive support is an online review of the status of your client's equipment through which a detailed report is generated in order to:
Optimise and stabilise the computer system
Improve performance and extend the useful life of the IT infrastructure

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We take over your customers website development or platform management on request, supporting their main business operations.

Platform Management

Projects based on customer needs
We identify necessary resources for start-up and operation
Platform management and monitoring
24/7 support
Control of results
Monitoring to detect new opportunities

Custom Development

For special requirements and needs
Professional team of more than 20 programmers
Detailed architecture proposal with scope and delivery times
Project management and attention during development
Testing and training


A single platform from which the end user can manage all their services
Customisable service catalog with different service categories
Allows the management of service information and monitoring of customer orders
Manage notifications to provide the user with the services requested through the platform
Users with customisable roles to manage the platform
Integrated support chat
API connection to receive user information, send service request, and more

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